Volunteers’ Briefing Meeting: 10 March 2012

closeThis post was published 5 years 4 months 14 days ago and subsequent events - including the closure of the Gardens - may have affected its current relevance or accuracy. The post is however kept on this site to maintain a record of events of the time. Please do however check the bottom of the post; as there may be more recent or relevant posts there.

A big “thank-you” to all the prospective volunteers who turned-up at the Gardens today, to show their support and get a taste of the gardening tasks that lay before them.

Around 30 people were shown-around the site by Mary and Nick; assessing the effects of the winter and earmarking specific areas and jobs for attention, as resources permit – followed by (much needed) warming drinks and a general discussion on the forthcoming working-party meet on Saturday 24th March, at 10am. (Further details will follow)

Grateful thanks also to Martin Johnson for his sterling efforts in raising such a large contingent of volunteers from Yalding itself – and indeed for arranging and running the entire volunteer effort. Further thanks to Gail Johnson and Mary Smith, for the refreshments; and Mary Smith (again) and Nick Robinson, for their guiding input.


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