The Gardens Yalding

closeThis post was published 1 year 5 months 22 days ago and subsequent events - including the closure of the Gardens - may have affected its current relevance or accuracy. The post is however kept on this site to maintain a record of events of the time. Please do however check the bottom of the post; as there may be more recent or relevant posts there.

Many thanks to those who have posted on here about new signage at the Gardens and the new website Not being locals; we are reliant on local feedback – we have no contact with the proprietors.

As with the other parties that have taken-over the Gardens since Garden Organic’s bale-out; we really do wish the owners every success with their venture. There has obviously been significant expenditure in restoring the Gardens and extending the ‘barn’ and as a wedding venue, the site will surely be magnificent.

We do though hope that the owners will not forget the obligation that attaches to the stewardship of the site – morally, if not legally, to promote and educate the public about organic farming and growing. That was the reason for the original bequest of the site by Donald Cooper and it is only through that and the considerable support of organic gardening enthusiasts (practically, spiritually and financially) that the Gardens even existed, for them to now exist and be used in this way today.

We see that although the new website does at least mention organics (in the history section) there seems to be no suggestion that the Gardens are now, or will again be organic. Similarly, there does not seem to be any mention of public access to the Gardens; which is clearly a great disappointment to all those who have visited, or been involved in the Gardens in the past.