About the Gardens

Yalding Organic Gardens started with the generous gift of 10 acres of land, and a sum of money in trust, from Donald and Pixie Cooper, who owned an organic farm at Yalding; with the intention of setting-up a display garden for the Henry Doubleday Research Association – now Garden Organic.

The HDRA started the project in 1992 and opened the Gardens to the public in April 1995. Since then, the Gardens – themed to illustrate the history of gardening through the ages and to demonstrate organic gardening principles and methods – have developed and matured; creating a truly magnificent horticultural heaven. The Gardens have been and are many different things to many people – a place to connect (or reconnect) with nature; a place to relax, or just to think; a place to play; a place to study and learn; a place to help-out; or a place to commemorate family members…  The list goes on…  A truly unique place!

Unfortunately though; in early 2008, Garden Organic was forced into the decision to leave the Gardens; since when, the site’s owners – the Congelow Organic Educational Trust – have twice leased the Gardens’ site to local businesses. During the first of those tenancies, the Gardens fell into disrepair – only to be rescued and restored to their former glory, by the second tenants. However, despite their best efforts, they too have been unable to ‘make-a-go’ of the business aspects of the Gardens; which as of October 2011, are now closed and uncertainty once again hangs over their future.

The ‘Friends of Yalding Organic Gardens’ (FoYOG)has been formed with the intention of bringing-together all those who have a love of and an interest in the Gardens; to show their support; to explore the possibilities, and to work towards securing a sound and sustainable future for them.

Membership of FoYOG is open to all via our ‘Join Us‘ page and we would urge anyone with even a passing interest in the Gardens, to sign-up.