Garden for Today (Closed)

An Integrated Garden for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Elements such as vegetables, herbs and ornamentals are allowed to overlap and interact to provide a beautiful, productive, wildlife friendly space for the family.

Herbs in the patio soften hard edges and provide sensory and culinary delight, The Lawn provides a place to play. Ornamentals such as shrubs, herbaceous plants and annuals are grown all around and play a key role in pest control by creating biodiversity and attracting beneficial insects. Fruit mingle with with other plants for their beauty and produce, rich in vitamins.

Vegetables for a healthy diet are grown in raised beds and attractively in the borders. A mixture of grains and pulses provide protein, green leafy vegetables provide iron and other essential vitamins for a balanced diet.

The Greenhouse provides a place to grow tender crops like melons and peppers in summer and green leafy crops sown in autumn give fresh greens rich in vitamins, in winter.

Native hedge and plants encourage wildlife.

Kentish Chestnut features from local traditionally coppiced woodland. A renewable resource supporting woodland habitat and keeping woodcraft skills alive.





Some, or all of the above text may have originally been published by HDRA/Garden Organic ( and is reproduced here, with their kind permission.