The Fruit Garden

The organic fruit garden was designed to grow an impressive range of fruit, in a variety of attractive trained forms, suitable for small gardens, (originally) in the best possible growing conditions, to keep them healthy and less prone to pest and disease problems.

Unfortunately, this particular garden has suffered considerably in recent years, through lack of available resources and was indeed closed from mid-2008 to March 2011. Originally netted against birds and highly maintained; the now open and pretty ‘wild’ garden is (June 2012) a riot of colour – especially poppies – as the effects of the lack of resources show. Magnificent now; but indicating significant problems for the future.

Within that ‘forest’ though, there still exist the hard and soft fruits; the apples, the pears, the peach, the raspberries, the currants and indeed the grapes. All still there, and just waiting to be ‘rescued’,


Some, or all of the above text may have originally been published by HDRA/Garden Organic ( and is reproduced here, with their kind permission.